psyBNC is the bouncer of the future

  1. Written in C, a UNIX hacker's best friend.
  2. psyBNC can multiplex multiple network connections onto a single connection, so that users only have to connect to psyBNC once to access all networks. If a user chooses to connect to 200 networks using psyBNC, his IRC client only has to connect once to psyBNC. This is a lot more intuitive than logging in 200 times.
  3. Instead of chroot, we can use OpenBSD's pledge and unveil for greater security.

Handle SSL Intelligently


  1. verified SSL -- if this succeeds, no warnings
  2. non-verified SSL -- if this works, issue one warning (don't repeat over and over like znc does)
  3. plaintext -- issue one warning (no repeats)

Handle GLINEs and timeouts intelligently

  1. If glined, issue a warning and then disconnect, retry again every 5 minutes