Cvs /


Firstly set CVSROOT:

if you have the CVS remotely: $ export CVSROOT=""

if you have the CVS localy: $ export CVSROOT="/home/username/CVS"

Note: Add that to your .profile, it will help you a lot

Then init the CVS: $ cvs init

Then import your files: $ cd SOURCEFOLDER; cvs import REPONAME YOURNAME VERSIONNAME

Note: The VERSIONNAME cannot have a '$.,:;#' in it

Then to start, stay inside the SOURCEFOLDER and execute: $ cvs checkout REPONAME

Note: checkout only needed on first time

Then cd into REPONAME and make your changes

Note: You are allowed to move the checked out folder

Once you are done making changes:

Commit the changes: $ cvs commit (Or if you wait to do it the quick way: $ cvs commit -m "COMMITMSG")

Then it depends on if you have it remotely if you need to do some more steps