Welcome to Cherry! IRCNow Cherry is part of the IRCNow network, our team at IRCNow wants to make IRC better today without changing the IRC protocol. We want to build a thriving free network with quality software. In support of IRCNow goal as an experiment to create a network run by users for the benefit of users. It is an experiment to create a truly open and free network.

Come and learn how services work and have fun with us, guided in real time, effectively!

Available services at IRCNow Cherry:

IRCNow Lemon IRC chat server, a collaborative text chat platform with group chats in your topic of interest. Available on Windows, Mac, Linux, OpenBSD, Android, iOS. Access our chat server at (type this in your favorite IRC client to connect to us). Our chat server is located at New York,USA.

IRCNow Cherry IRC bouncer is an application that keeps you connected to IRC. Good for unstable or mobile connections, or to access the live chat from multiple devices. This can be connected to an unlimited number of networks. Our team may help you with the easy sign up and configuration in your favourite chat client that make available on Windows, Mac, Linux, OpenBSD, Android, iOS. Access details provided upon successful registration. Remember that our bouncer service is totally free!

Provided you agree to the terms of services (IRCNow), you may request any of our services at channel #IRCnow once you are connected to our servers. Currently we support more than 100 famous IRC networks and more to come. If your favourite network is not supported, kindly contact us at #IRCNow channel, and ask for your favourite network to be added. Come and say hi to our friendly staff members at #Cherry as we are ready to assist you further. Please name the service which you are interested in, and a staff member or a volunteer will assist you shortly. Our services is well maintained and IRCNow is a federation that unites together self-governing servers to provide a common network for the free and open source software community.We welcome your feedback. It will be used to innovate and improve our services, develop new features, improve documentations, and make them easier to use and also more useful by making IRC great again!

Languages we speak include English and Bahasa Melayu. Our team consist of volunteer System Administrators, who maintain the IRCNow Cherry services in their free time. They are Oz

We are working to help protect freedom on the Internet. We are working to build an online community that WE THE USERS control. Would you like to donate to IRCNow Cherry to support an online community for freedom? If so, we'd be very grateful. Your donations will go towards training new teammates, developing new software, providing new guides, and helping users. All of the content we produce is released freely so anyone can copy, share, modify, and use.

We now accepting donations through Paypal, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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