Vision is a open-source IRC client for BeOS and Haiku.
  1. After Opening Vision select "Network setup".
  2. On the top menu, select "Add new"
  1. Replace Name with your prefered name
  1. On the "Personal details", check Use defaults to disable it.
  # click on + and add your username which you have registered your bouncer.
  1. Then, select "Change servers" and "Add"
  2. Fill in the details:
    1. Server: fill in the bouncer server address (it should look like
    2. Port: 31337
    3. Check Secure port to enable it.
    4. Use password: username/network:password -- For example, if your username is john, the network you want to connect to is ircnow, and your password is abcde12345, then fill in john/ircnow:abcde12345.
    5. Set State to Primary
  3. If you get a message saying ZNC is not yet connected, type /quote znc connect.