This is a simple irc bot that uses Google Translate to translate a given text to any language you want, it was developed in node.


Clone the repository and cd into it:

git clone && cd irc-translate-bot/

Install the required dependencies:

npm install

Edit the config.json file:

    "nick": "Translator",
    "server": ""

And execute it:

node index.js


Once the bot is running and connected to an irc server you need to make it join your channels, use the /invite irc command and the bot will remember you channel and rejoin if it gets disconnected (if you are not the channel operator you will need to ask the channel operator to invite it).

If you don't want the bot to be in your channel anymore you can simply use the /kick command with it and it will forget your channel and never come back unless reinvited.

Now that the bot is in your desired channel you can send a message like this:

-es Text to be translated

The string after the - is the ISO 639-1 code for the language you want to translate the text to. A list of all the ISO language codes can be found at


The source code for this little project is available at

If you have any suggestion or want to add features please contact forero on ircnow.