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Fork of 9Front:


  • Separate non-free software from free software. Make sure non-free software is not downloaded by default but instead placed in a separate repository.
    • Replace Aladdin Ghostscript with freely licensed version
  • Allow contributions from any free license, whether it is GPL or BSD. All licenses must respect the four basic freedoms. Avoid discrimination based on licenses. Create a tolerant base for users with different beliefs and skill levels.
  • Accessibility for blind, Keyboard-only access: -- Write Serial Console Guide
  • Fix VNC server bug; slows to a crawl after long uptime
  • Add protection against bitrot in file system
  • Write Plan101 course
  • Support all Linux and BSDs (?)
  • Provide 9fs for every operating system
  • Port Drawterm to every platform:
    • iOS -- may be impossible, use vncs instead
    • Android
    • Linux
      • Debian
      • OpenSuSE
    • FreeBSD, NetBSD?
  • Keep plan9port up to date for every platform
  • Inferno?
  • Host files -- tech books, gutenberg.org, RFCs, librivox, wikipedia, survival books
  • Add filesystems: ircfs, xmppfs, matrixfs, check nntpfs, activitypubfs, check gopherfs, geminifs, check rssfs

Low Priority

  • Perhaps: searchable package manager with prebuilt binaries
  • Write free drivers for wifi
  • Write a working firewall
  • VCS conversion filesystem
  • Dynamically generated filesystem? like CGI
  • file type conversion filesystem?
  • overload existing grammar for shell verbs (commands), prepositions (pipes)


  • Make it easy to port existing UNIX applications
  • X11 -- just use unix and install plan9port
  • Get working servers for:
  • HTTP server: provide compatibility with most web apps