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for connecting to Plan9 you need drawterm. since debian/ubuntu packaged version of drawterm is too old and doesn't support encrypted connections, you will compiling it:

$ git clone git://git.9front.org/plan9front/drawterm
$ cd drawterm
$ CONF=unix make

then you can connect to your server using:

$ ./drawterm -u glenda -h $VPS_IP -a  $VPS_IP # graphical
$ ./drawterm -G -u glenda -h $VPS_IP -a $VPS_IP # CLI

afterwards, it will ask for password.


if everything went correctly, you will be greeted by a prompt


if you are running on GUI mode, you could start window system or GUI applications, for window system, run the following:

% rio

if it's first time you are using plan9, this document might be useful for a quick start: