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From Plan9

Replace $user with your username.

; 9fs tcp!cloud9p.org!900 /n/chat
; cat /n/chat/chat &
; while() echo `{date -u -f 'hh:mm'} '<'$user'>' `{read} >> /n/chat/chat

From UNIX:

Install plan9port.

On OpenBSD: either libixp or plan9port works, just replace command name,

$ doas pkg_add plan9port

Now to connect, run:

$ 9 9p -a 'tcp!cloud9p.org!900' read chat | sed "s/$/$(echo '\a')/" &
while read l; do echo $(date -u "+%H:%M") $USER → "$l"
done | 9 9p -a 'tcp!cloud9p.org!900' write chat

Note: hubfs does not work with tail, so it is not possible to run tail on the chat file.