IRCNow: The Users' Network

IRCNow provides internet services for the free and open source community. IRCNow is a federation of servers to create a network that ensures user freedom. Learn about our goals.

To chat with us, connect to port 6667 / 6697 (SSL) for ipv4 or port 6667 / 6697 (SSL) for ipv6. Tor users can use ircnowuj3luixmmz.onion . (Full list of servers)

IRC Bouncers

With an IRC bouncer, you will now be able to receive messages while you're offline. A bouncer helps save messages for you while you're disconnected so your IRC client can download them once you log in later on. Our bouncer also lets you chat with users on any IRC network and even other chat protocols such as Telegram or Discord. It also cloaks your IP from others for anonymity and security.

IRC Bots

Request a free bot to use for your channel. We provide channel relays to connect multiple IRC networks and bridges to connect IRC with other protocols. We also provide chat bots and Bible bots.


Get a free VPN account. This can be useful for security reasons (such as when you connect to a wifi hotspot), for anonymity reasons (since it hides your IP), and access to news sites and more.


Get a free email account! We give all users a combined total of 1GB of storage with each file storage account. We support all open protocols: POP, IMAP, and SMTP. We do not sell user data to third parties. We offer a free mail account. You can export your mail at any time.

File Storage

Get free file storage! We give all users a combined total of 1GB of storage with each file storage and email account. We currently support sftp/scp and plan to add support for rsync.

Code Hosting

Get free code hosting! We provide hosting for git and cvs.

OpenBSD Guides

Learn OpenBSD by reading our how to guides and join our community at #openbsd. We aim to provide working examples and topics not covered by the excellent OpenBSD man pages.

IRCNow Goals

We're interested in improving the open IRC ecosystem. Read more about our goals here.