Welcome to IRCNow Orange. Available services (see also in Russian, Dutch):

  • text live chat via IRC - citizen training and education to overcome centralized surveillance and Internet monopoly;
    • bouncer, an application that keeps you connected to the IRC chat if you have an unstable connection or multiple devices;
    • chat bots, like in Perl, for games and search lookup in live chat;
  • system administration and programming training - includes structured courses with support by IRC chat or by email; OpenBSD platform;
  • file hosting (beta) - 1GB. Read via HTTP, read/write via sftp; PHP included. We will increase storage capacity by request, or after initial testing.

You can sign up at our live chat or by email:

  • #ircnow at your favourite IRC network, if it exists
  • #ircnow at our chat server irc://
  • email

Our services aim to be well maintained and stable. We welcome your feedback. It will be used to innovate and improve our services, develop new features, improve documentation, and make them easier to use and also more useful.

Languages we speak include English, French, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Dutch. Our team comprises a number of volunteer system administrators, who maintain the IRCNow Orange services in their free time.

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