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We need curl and gmake

$ doas pkg_add curl gmake


Makeing a new user for unrealircd is recommend.

$ doas useradd -m ircd

Now we have a user called "ircd" now lets switch to it

$ doas su ircd

You can do $ whoami to verify you're the ircd user now go home $ cd

Download & install

Download the latest source code tarball , at the time of writeing this is you can find the latest here, but this guide will be using, should be the same for newer versions

$ curl -LO https://www.unrealircd.org/downloads/unrealircd-

Now extract it

$ tar xzf unrealircd-

Now go inside that dir

$ cd unrealircd-

Now lets build from sauce

$ ./Config && make && make install

It will ask a bunch of questions but you can just click enter on all of them to get default settings witch are fine for most people

Known errors

If you get this error "gmake[4]: *** [Makefile:1084: libcares_la-ares_process.lo] Error 1" then you will have to also install cares, this is sadly an issue that acures on openbsd on recent versions, hope it gets fixed soon

$ exit
$ doas pkg_add libcares
$ doas su irc
$ cd ~/unrealircd-

Then rerun the build command

$ ./Config && make && make install

Clean up

Just delete the tar file, you might want to delete source code folder too if low on storage

Basic config

unrealircd has a example, copy it over and start changing it

$ cd ~/unrealircd/conf
$ cp examples/example.conf unrealircd.conf

You might want to edit the example config, when done just start it up

$ ~/unrealircd/unrealircd start