If you have setup ngircd as an training Sysadmin, you can join the IRCNow Trainees Network.

To do so, you will need to take some steps your own and some steps by our other users from the network.

Firstly join the trainee-network channel (#trainee-network) and ping MiniontobyPI.

If MiniontobyPI is online you can do the following, (else you cant link)

Server block

add to your ngircd.conf file:

        Name =
        Host =
        Port = 6697
        MyPassword = <YOUR CONNECTION PASS, PM it MiniontobyPI>
        PeerPassword = <Peer Password, MiniontobyPI PM's you it>
        SSLConnect = true

for the passwords its like: your MyPassword is the helpers PeerPassword, and the helpers MyPassword is your PeerPassword

Other side

And PM the helper the hostname of your vps.


This is REQUIRED!!!!!! then you need to go into your ngircd.conf and search for MaxNickLength and set the value of it to 31


Then restart your ngircd and it should work, (check it with /links in IRC)