Installing mlmmj

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mlmmj (Mailing List Management Made Joyful) is a simple and lightweight mailing list manager. It is MIT-licensed and written in C. It works with OpenSMTPd and requires no daemons so it can run on very small servers. Also see mlmmj-WebArchiver for a simple script that generates and updates a web archive site for mailing lists you want to publish to the web.


You will need to configure and test OpenSMTPd.


$ doas pkg_add mlmmj

You can also compile from source.


Consult /usr/local/share/doc/mlmmj/README

OpenSMTPd and mlmmj, by default, use the delimiter +. For instance, accepts request to subscribe to the mlmmj-test email list. No special configuration is required.

To create an initial mailing list, we first create a directory for mlmmj, then run mlmmj-make-ml:

$ doas mkdir /var/spool/mlmmj
$ doas chown _smtpd:_smtpd /var/spool/mlmmj/ 
$ doas -u _smtpd mlmmj-make-ml
Creating Directorys below /var/spool/mlmmj. Use '-s spooldir' to change
What should the name of the Mailinglist be? [mlmmj-test] :
The Domain for the List? [] :
The emailaddress of the list owner? [postmaster] : postmaster

Replace mlmmj-test and with your real list name and domain.

For each mailing list, add an entry into /etc/mail/virtuals (see aliases(5) and smtpd.conf(5)):

mlmmj-test:  "|/usr/local/bin/mlmmj-receive -L /var/spool/mlmmj/mlmmj-test/"

Replace mlmmj-test with your real list name.

Create a log file:

$ doas touch /var/log/mlmmj.log

Then run this command once:

/usr/local/bin/mlmmj-maintd -F -d /var/spool/mlmmj/ >>/var/log/mlmmj.log 2>&1

Then add the task to your crontab:

0	*/2	*	*	*	/usr/local/bin/mlmmj-maintd -F -d /var/spool/mlmmj/ >>/var/log/mlmmj.log 2>&1

NOTE: mlmmj sends email from, which should be added to /etc/mail/hosts; localhost is not enough.

To sign up to the mailing list, simply email Replace mlmmj-test with your list name, and with your domain name.

List files are located at /var/spool/mlmmj/<mailing-list-name>.