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Roadmap for 2024

Developer training

  1. Create C programming? tutorial
  2. Update perl101 programming tutorial
  3. Create 9 101 course?

User services

  1. Replace botnow with web and in-band methods for requesting:
    1. shell accounts
    2. bouncers
    3. email
  2. Replace znc with a new bouncer (perhaps psybnc fork) written in C
  3. Write IRC relay (perhaps fork of ticl)
  4. Update user guides for znc, shell, email, vpn, xmpp
  5. Automate VPS request and installation
  6. Automate eggdrops
  7. Offer ikiwiki
  8. Provide file hosting with http, sftp, ftp, openrsync and rsync access.
  9. Provide IPSec VPNs with IKED
  10. Provide mail hosting
  11. Implement voting system using mailing list archives
  12. Offer code hosting with got and cvs
  13. Provide telephony using SIP using asterisk (paid plans include incoming/outgoing calls with public phone number)


  1. Setup alternative internet (inter9)
  2. Begin routing experiments with openbgpd, ripd, ospfd on OpenBSD
  3. Setup IPSec mesh network


  1. Offer BCHS web hosting
    1. undeadly's source code for blogs
    2. centroid's source code for blogs