Become a Minute-min!

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Minute-min are sysadmins who can respond within a minute's notice to network threats.

Your Reward

  1. Become an IRC oper and staff on IRCNow
  2. Learn BSD sysadmin
  3. Hang out with friends while improving IRC
  4. Add a new work experience for your CV/resume
  5. Help improve freedom on the internet

This is currently an unpaid position.

How to Apply

  1. If you're new to Unix, create a free shell account and finish the unix101 tutorial.
  2. Join us over on IRC on one of our servers on #team
  3. Send an email to
  4. Get verified using any one method below:
    1. Find a mutual friend who can refer you to IRCNow staff, OR
    2. Contribute 2 wiki articles, OR
    3. Share a code project you've worked on, OR
    4. Share a personal social media/website/blog you write for
  5. After you finish training, you'll get interviewed, and if you qualify, you'll be promoted to staff!

Your Duties

  1. Keep in regular contact with us on IRC
  2. Commit to help your team for a minimum of 5 hours per week
  3. Finish Sysadmin Training in one month.
  4. Work on the IRCNow Roadmap
  5. You must be willing to help with customer support, documentation, and basic coding


  1. Track our progress on the roadmap
  2. See the report on IRCNow Finances