19:52 <~jrmu> Microsoft has invested billions of dollars into their Azure linux stack
19:52 <~jrmu> and so have Google and Amazon
19:54 <~jrmu> the US congress has sued them in court for abuse of monopoly power
19:54 <~jrmu> one of these days I will document it but see United States vs Google 
19:55 <~jrmu> for a preview
19:55 <~jrmu> :)
19:55 <~jrmu> I'm glad the Department of Justice has helped document their abuse of power for me
19:55 <~jrmu> Facebook and Amazon are being sued also
19:55 <~jrmu> it's about time
19:56 <~jrmu> basically they 1) never share their source code, 2) censor people 
              arbitrarily, 3) steal trade secrets from their own customers
19:56 <~jrmu> 4) prevent competition
19:57 <~jrmu> they bully the competition
19:58 <~jrmu> they also undermine democracy
[03:21:52] <jrmu>
[03:21:58] <jrmu> Google wants websites to adopt AMP as the default approach to building
 webpages. Tell them no.
[03:22:10] <jrmu> Basically, Google has forced websites  specifically news publishers 
 to create AMP versions of their articles. For publishers, AMP is not optional; without 
AMP, a publisher’s articles will be extremely unlikely to appear in the Top Stories caro
usel on mobile search in Google.
[03:22:25] <jrmu> Google forces websites to either adopt AMP or forego large amounts of 
potential traffic.
[03:23:26] <jrmu> ``The search engine has epic delusions of grandeur and has started to 
believe they are the destination, that they are the gatekeepers of the web, that they sh
ould dictate how the web evolves.''