IRC Bouncers

  • helps you stay connected to IRC chat when your device are offline
  • plays back missed messages when you connect
  • access to unlimited IRC chat networks available (and also Telegram or Discord)
  • provides a DDoS protected IP for your IRC chat needs, with high uptime
  • free of charge, with free software
  • real time support from IRCNow over live chat

We currently offer ZNC and psyBNC.

To get started with a free bouncer, connect to ircs:// and /join #ircnow. Then, type !bnc for a free bouncer.

Here's how to add a network on ZNC.

IRC Clients
AdiIRC    Proprietary
Adium      GPLv2
AndroIRC      Proprietary
Atomic      GPLv3
Colloquy?     GPL/BSD
Hexchat    GPLv2
HydraIRC?       ?
IRC for Android      ?
IRCCloud Web Android iOS    Apache 2.0 / Proprietary
IceChatWW    GPLv2
ircEX      ?
irssi  GPLv2
Igloo     Proprietary
KVIrc    GPLv2
KiwiIRC      Apache 2.0
Limechat     GPLv2
Mibbit      Proprietary
mIRCWW    Proprietary
nettalk?       ?
Pidgin    GPLv2
Quassel GPLv2
qwebirc?      ?
Revolution IRC      GPLv3
SimpleIRC      GPLv3
smuxi    GPLv2
Textual      Proprietary
Thunderbird    MPL 2.0
turboIRC      ?
Vision      MPL 1.1
WeeChat  GPLv3
XChat    Proprietary/GPL
Yaaic      GPLv3
  1. W = Wine emulation